Friday, December 18, 2015

eBooks in Reading Class

3rd grade students in Mrs. Clark's class are taking part in a "Navigating Nonfiction" reading unit. Students were assigned to interest groups and read both print and digital nonfiction books. Mrs. Potter went into the classroom and showed the students how to access eBooks on the iPads. Students read eBooks from the Epic books app and on the TrueFlix site. One of the many benefits of reading eBooks is that multiple students can read the same book at the same time. Because the iPads are a tool always available to students, the eBooks are always accessible. With eBooks students who have difficulty accessing complex texts often use the read-to-me feature. Another advantage of eBooks is the variability in reading levels across the same topic. Built in glossaries provide definitions within the text.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Mathematical Thinking and iPads

The students in Ms. Canty's class are using the app Explain Everything to record their thinking as they solve a word problem in math. They then upload the video to Google Classroom so Ms. Canty can use the information to assess each students knowledge of the concept. With paper and pencil a student could get a problem wrong and even though they showed their work it would be difficult to understand exactly where their thinking went awry. By seeing and hearing the student as they solve the problem the teacher can "see" what the student was thinking and correct any misconceptions.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Writing: It's All About Revising!

Students in Mrs. Palmer and Coppinger's classes have been using Google Classroom to make the revision process easier. The students are writing personal narratives directly on the iPads. Mrs. Palmer can then look at their writing, 24/7, and make comments about how they can revise their work. Students can then immediately use these suggestions to make their revisions. The video below explains how this works.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Research in Science

Students in Mrs. Booth and Ms. Coppinger's classes participated in a project based learning challenge to create a public service announcement to raise awareness of an endangered species. 
To accomplish the task, each group was assigned an endangered species to research. Students in each group were assigned a role - biologist, conservationist, environmentalist and design team leader. The students used their iPads to complete the research, answering such questions as How have humans changed the endangered species' environment? Each student had 2 to 3 questions to answer to contribute to the public service announcement. The design team leader was in charge of gathering appropriate pictures to include in a Keynote presentation.