Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Read Aloud with Accountable Talk and Reading Workshop by Suzy Palmer

Read Aloud with Accountable Talk

Using the one to one iPads, I am able to pose a question to the entire class based on the book I am using for read aloud. The children respond to the question and as they are responding, I can see all responses on my laptop as they are composing. As the children go to independent reading, I can conference with the students immediately addressing their personal needs. Also, they have the opportunity to revise their work with my support. It is immediate, efficient and personal. Most importantly, the children thoroughly enjoy this process which allows them to monitor their growth in reading comprehension.

Example of Jot Board from Student iPad

Reading Workshop

In the reading workshop classroom, the children are taught to ask questions, respond to a question using evidence from the text, or come up with an observation. The process (called jotting), before the one to one iPads, involved the students writing on a post-it. These post-its were then stuck to a board for me to collect and bring home to look at. Inevitably, post-its were lost, names were not written down, etc., so I created a template in which each child can “jot” their individual responses using their iPad. This  jot board is basically a template created by me with four squares where the student records the title of the book, the date, and a response.  The question can actually be pre written into the jot boards, as well. By using my laptop, I can view all responses, make a comment or a suggestion. I am also able to quickly see who was absent, which student needs my help in which area, and which students need to be challenged even more.  Both the students and I have the history of this process so progress can be monitored. Children have enjoyed working in the squares because they can easily see what it is that they need to work on based on feedback in the other squares. I am able to establish strategy groups for the children based on what their needs are and this can be done the next day while the lesson is fresh in their minds. Again, this process is personal, efficient and immediate.

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