Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Art of Informational Writing by Julie Fiumara

In our Writer's Workshop Unit, The Art of Informational Writing, students are publishing their final piece using Book Creator on their iPads. Throughout the Unit of Study, students created informational topic that includes introductions, 4-5 chapters, a conclusion, and several text features. 

Students will create a digital book on Book Creator that includes their published, typed piece, tables, diagrams, pictures of their own drawings, photos about their topics, table of contents, glossaries, and more.

Students will edit their piece by organizing the pages, creating and editing their text features (which requires multiple applications), and editing the design features to make it appealing to their reading audience. 
This Video does not have recorded voice yet.

The final product with be shared digitally with each student's family and could include the students' voice reading their book aloud. In addition, we will share the final product on Google Classroom and each student can read their classmate's books.

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